Digital illustration services from B Plus C Communications
Sometimes a picture is the ideal storyteller.

Sometimes it helps words make their point.

Paintings, drawings, photographs: these and other forms of illustration have fairly well-accepted definitions. However, thanks to technology, there’s a new kid on the block.

We call it digital illustration. It includes image creation and image enhancement.

The "digital" part is the technology. The "illustration" part is the creative idea. The result can combine traditional visual techniques in new and powerful ways.

You’re building a residential subdivision and want to show your model home with finished landscaping. In a digital illustration, temporary signage is gone, unfinished landscaping is complete, and construction debris is removed.

You’ve added a new casework color to your product line but don’t have a picture to show it off. In a digital illustration, one of your existing product shots now shows the new color.

You’re promoting a new service and want to reinforce your commitment to customer support. In a digital illustration, your service appears as a featured item on a bulletin board or a highway sign.

You want to use a visual metaphor to make a point. A digital illustration can make the impossible look real.

You get the picture. We can create it.

Not only that, but we can maximize the quality of other images as well, by removing blemishes, dust, distracting backgrounds, and an endless list of flaws that keep a good picture from being its best.

The possibilities are limitless.

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