Links and favorite places
We find the following sites useful, entertaining, informative, and enjoyable.

    MANUFACTURERS, RETAILERS, SERVICE PROVIDERS, MAILING LISTS Apple Computer. We’re enthusiastic users of the Macintosh platform (not to be confused with platform bigots). JamSync, an unique recording and production facility on Nashville’s Music Row. Whether you’re interested in surround-sound production or want to restore your audio archives, give them a call. Subscribe here to the Macintosh Digital Audio Workstation mailing list. If you’re interested in digital audio recording and production on the Mac, this is a terrific resource. Here you’ll find a subscription link to the Adobe After Effects mailing list, one of the best resources for information on this powerful program, as well as discussion lists covering other aspects of motion graphics. Looking for a useful Macintosh web browser alternative? iCab offers many handy features in a compact, easy-to-use format. An independent development effort you may wish to give a try.

    MACINTOSH NEWS and INFORMATION RESOURCES MacInTouch, another great news and troubleshooting site. VersionTracker can help you find updates for freeware, shareware, and commercial software for the Mac. Need to replace the battery in your Mac? The Macintosh Logic Board Battery Information site can help you find out what kind you need and how to install it.

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