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A lot of people have the mistaken idea that advertising is the dog.

It isn’t. That’s marketing.

Advertising is just the tail. The dog isn’t too happy without one, but you have to have a dog first.

Marketing is your plan for reaching a destination. That’s the dog that wags the tail.

Advertising is a tool to help you accomplish your marketing objectives. The tail sends the signals, but the dog decides what those signals should be.

It doesn’t matter whether you provide a service or sell a product—you still have to figure out where you are and decide where you’re going.

That involves asking some questions and making some assessments.

For example:

Do your customers know who you are, or are they confusing you with your competition?

Do your customers understand what you offer them? Do they realize why they need what you offer?

Whether you’d like us to help you assess your current situation or find a way to reach your destination, we’re ready.

If you’ve already figured out exactly where you’re headed, we’ll be happy to help you implement your plan by creating strategic materials designed to meet your objectives.

From logos and letterheads, newspaper and magazine ads to brochures, catalogues, and campaign components in other media, we can create the materials you need to make your strategic plan come to life.

And when it comes to advertising (and marketing) materials, we make sure we offer you fresh, thoughtfully designed work.

No dogs.

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