Project multipurposing services from B Plus C Communications
Why reinvent the wheel?

In many cases, one project can meet more than one need.

You’ve commissioned us to create a product catalogue. In addition to the printed piece, you’d like to be able to e-mail the catalogue and/or make it available for download from a website. You’d like this new version to be interactive, so your customers can click on an entry in the Table of Contents and go straight to the proper page.

We’ve created a series of promotional mailers for you. Now you’d like to send some of them out by broadcast fax.

You’re participating in a trade show and need to create a booth display. You’d like it to feature some of your printed literature—enlarged and integrated into the display itself.

When you ask us to undertake a project for you, one of our first questions is “How are you really going to use this?” Once we know what you want to do, we can make suggestions about how to accomplish your objectives effectively.

A little plan-ahead thinking can pay off handsomely in multi-use projects that save time, effort, money—and increase the cohesiveness of your messages to your customers.

How many ways can we use this? It’s a question whose answer can be your best friend.

The more efficiently we can work for you, the more efficiently you can work.

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