Common sense from B Plus C Communications
It’s knowing how to make knowledge out of information.

And that’s the key to surviving information overload.

Imagine opening your garage door and finding a huge, disorganized pile of parts instead of your car. Nothing’s missing—but you’re not going anywhere for a while.

Without a sense of how the pieces fit together, raw information is just a pile of parts. Common sense is the parts list, the assembly manual, and the operating instructions. It’s the bridge between raw data and useful insights.

And it’s a foundation of the work we do.

We think and plan ahead. We sweat the details so you don’t have to worry about their consequences. We ask and listen, rather than making assumptions. We know that “I don’t know” isn’t an answer—but “I don’t know, but I’ll find out for you” is the beginning of one.

Whether we’re putting commonsense energies to work toward a strategic objective or using them to assure that your project proceeds smoothly from concept to delivery, we strive to offer you our best.

Which may help explain why our clients rely on us as a technical resource as well as a source of creative solutions.

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