Writing services from B Plus C Communications
And all good writing starts with the answers to three questions.

What are you trying to say?
Who’s supposed to be listening?
What response do you want?

A manual for a product or a process, a product-line catalogue, a promotional announcement, a grant application, a print or broadcast ad, a strategic letter: when you ask us to write any of these, we start by asking you these straightforward questions.

Once we know your message, your audience, and your desired outcome, we can get to work.

From technical writing to advertising copy, broadcast scripts to responses to RFPs, direct-mail materials to strategic business communications, we know how to get messages across.

Our client experience spans respected names in a variety of fields and industries, including banking, consumer electronics, commercial real estate, agriculture, medicine, kitchen appliances, proprietary education, insurance, non-profit organizations, science and research, telecommunications, the arts, and more.

Whether your project is large or small, we’re ready to help you get your message across.

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